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JP’s Journey – From Broadcaster to Podcaster

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JP's Journey - Podcast Host JP Gaston
JP Gaston, Host of The Biz Dojo

It may be surprising to learn that podcast host JP Gaston doesn’t hold a degree in Psychology. After all, his passion for leadership, mentoring and understanding humans is evident. Instead, he chose to pursue a career in Radio. At 14 years old JP’s journey started in the industry, and he later attended Humber College for Broadcasting. Then, after working in radio for more than a decade, took his first steps into leadership. Now, JP found a place that married his love for tech and leadership, and he quickly rose up the chain to more senior roles.

Soon after his transition into management, JP moved across the country to Alberta, where he happily took time away from corporate life to act as caregiver for his nieces. He found himself move back into technology, with a role in telecommunications that would earn him a Communication Technician designation from SAIT. From here, he went on to lead teams of up to 250 people, before settling into a position as a Senior Program Manager.

Above all, JP has a passion for growth.

He actively seeks out what makes a business tick, and how people interact at all levels. As a result, JP has managed to achieve several credentials along the way. In addition to over 20 years of experience as a leader, JP is a certified Project Management Professional. He’s also a certified Life Coach and Mindfulness Coach. He holds additional credentials in Mental Health Leadership, Sustainability, Indigenous Canada. He’s even good in an emergency, as he holds Incident Management certification from US Homeland Security.

Meanwhile, he somehow managed to slow in time for some passions while doing all this – including music! JP has stories from touring across Canada in various bands. He’s had music in movies and TV shows, and does voice acting on the side.

To sum it up –

JP is a podcast host with a diverse set of skills and experiences, a passion of leadership, and thirst for learning. He’s a coach, and a mentor – but also a student. Most of all, he’s looking forward to having real conversations with masters to help him grow – of course, with a few laughs along the way.

For more info on JP, or anything about the show, why not send us a message? podcast@thebizdojo.com