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Morning Routine FTW! : Mindset Shift

Seth January 11, 2021 11

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Morning Routine FTW!

Mindset shift: I’ve got to vs. I get to

Happy New Year! 

Welcome to Musings, the Seth edition. JP was gracious enough to kick this blog off last week and all week I was thinking about how I “had” to write a blog. Then earlier today, I watched this video with Daniel Pink. 

His simple, yet very effective Jedi mind trick is what has me writing this on Saturday evening instead of Sunday. I “get” to write a blog, one letter difference but from a mindset perspective, it completely changed my motivation. What a blessing it is that I have the opportunity to share my feelings, thoughts and advice with others. 

To live in a time and place where we have the tools and digital mediums to interact with people all over the world is quite incredible when you take a step back and think about it. So that lens, one of gratitude for the opportunity in which to even do this, is the I will come from going forward with the blog. 

Now to this week’s topic… Morning Routines. 

Seth’s six steps to a great morning!

When I think of my most successful mornings, these are the things that I do. Now, there are many days where I only do some of the routine. There are other days where I do items in a different order, and I’m constantly iterating and trying new things. In general, this is how I structure my morning routine along with a positive mindset, a sense of purpose and intention to have a great day. 

There’s many amazing resources, inspirational leaders and concepts that I’ve been learning about. I would love to share and discuss further for anyone interested! Please feel free to let me know what has worked well for you and if any of these tips make it into your morning routine. 

Without further ado, here’s Seth’s six simple steps to synergize your system sooner than sunup, or something like that anyway.

WAKE UP EARLY: This can mean alot of things, but I think the key is to give yourself at least one hour of alone time. Use this time to develop your routine and set your day up for success! oh yeah, don’t forget coffee, every great morning starts with coffee.

LEARN NEW S#*!: Focus on learning new things, growing and developing yourself. There are many great approaches that work, Reading books, following inspirational social feeds and listening to podcasts have been great for me.

PRACTICE MENTAL FITNESS: How often do you sit for 10 minutes without any distractions? If you are like me, this has probably been a struggle. As they say, practice makes perfect, so I try to spend at least 10 minutes every morning reflecting, breathing and thinking. Guided meditation has become a part of my routine and helps me to prepare for my day.

PRACTICE PHYSICAL FITNESS: When I first started building my routine, it was all HIIT all the time. After tearing my calf and straining just about everything in my lower body, I decided to give stretching and yoga a try. I try to mix in both high intensity and yoga throughout the week, there’s some great free videos on YouTube to get you started!

EXPLORE NATURE: This has become the non-negotiable item in my routine. Largely because of our 100 pound labradoodle puppy Blue Jay needing to be walked 5-10 kms a day! In the past year, Blue and I have trekked over 2,000 kms around YYC and area!

EAT WELL: I’m certainly not here to provide diet advice and recognize there are many different options that work well! For me, having a cliff bar first thing and then a couple eggs with toast right after I finish my routine has worked great in providing me the energy I need to get thru the first part of the day!

Oh, and bonus points if you can add “I GET TO” in front of these 😉 

Have a great week! 



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