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New Year, New … Us?

JP January 5, 2021 6

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The Road to 2021

We never expected this, but here we are.

Just a few days into 2021, we find ourselves reflecting on the incredible success this little business podcast and leadership dojo has had. 

When Seth and I started on this path, we were looking to find a space to learn. With our extensive networks and experiences in leadership, running businesses, mentoring and coaching to others, we thought the dojo would be a good space to bring in the masters. To share their stories of success and lessons learned with all of you – our listeners. We’d hoped a few people might get something out of an episode or two, and frankly – that would have been a huge win. 

Fast forward to the end of our first season, and we find ourselves with listeners around the world. We’re tagged in social media on 5 continents. We have a podcast that’s flourishing as it makes its way up the charts, and it’s incredible! 

The Start of Something New.0

There are really no words that would describe how great we felt with our first season, but here we are. Season 2 is about to start, and we’re launching new segments. We’re introducing  incredible sponsors who help keep this ‘not for profit’ endeavour also ‘not for loss’. We’re bringing new guests with incredible lessons to share. Truly incredible. 

Thank you all for your support, and we’re excited for a few ‘new things’ you’ll notice in our revamped 2021 podcast: 

  • Logo 2.0  – we thought the old one could use a bit of a redesign to make it cleaner and more colourful (but not too colourful!) 
  • Website 2.0 
    • Complete Overhaul and new scheme (with colours to match our aforementioned logo2.0)
    • Blog for Seth / JP to share  experiences, stories, expertise, and other musings
    • Podcast player update and season-by-season grouping
    • Guests Pages to share more from and about our guests
  • Season 2.0 – stay tuned, we have some INCREDIBLE guests on our upcoming shows. 

Keep your eyes peeled on this space for more from Seth and JP (me)  soon. As always, feel free to connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, with feedback or for some of our exclusive content. 

So, it’s 2021 – and here we are. Let’s do this!


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