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“Excellent podcast about business and “life”. Interesting guests, compelling topics, and important insights into entrepreneurship”

Become a Master

Join Seth and JP every Tuesday on The Biz Dojo – it’s even more than a business podcast. You’ll gain insights from expert entrepreneurs, coaches, professional athletes, executives and other leaders from around the world. These are the true Masters of Leadership. 

You’ll take in stories of triumph and failure, and dive deep into lessons learned that helped shape their overall success. In other words: this is undoubtedly different than your typical, stuffy business podcast. Overall, the relaxed conversations, real talk and laughs make for one of the best business podcasts of the year. 

During your time here, listen to the podcast on, or subscribe on Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon and all other platforms! Further your experience as you indulge in our weekly segment called “The Podium”,  interacting on social platforms to win weekly prizes from our sponsor – Beyond a Beaten Path

With a fantastic cast for season one, season two is bringing a whole new set of particularly insightful experts. So, download the podcast today, and listen every week to hone your skills. Basically, you should just click subscribe

Dive Into Lessons

Meanwhile, you can check out Seasons of The Biz Dojo Podcast, or take a gander at our new Monday Musings Blog. After that, look up some of our amazing guests on our “Masters” Page, and of course – kick back to close out the week with Seth and JP on Choppin’ It Up: our end of week show to kick off the weekend and discuss … well, anything! 

Still can’t get enough? Catch up on the surprisingly diverse backgrounds of our hosts – Seth and JP in our About The Show section. In addition, click on over to our social media channels to check out exclusive additional content every week. 


See you in the Dojo!